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Tile Flooring in Humble, TX


Elevate the style and functionality of your home with Marshburn’s Flooring America's extensive selection of tile flooring! 


When you visit our showroom in Humble, TX, our friendly and knowledgeable flooring experts will assist you in finding the perfect tile flooring for your home. We're dedicated to guiding you through every step—from selection to installation. Our team listens to your needs, performance goals, and style preferences to ensure you get the ideal tile for your space.


Whether you're renovating your bathroom or updating your kitchen, our experts will help you choose the perfect tile, including the right color and texture. To ensure a flawless fit, we also offer professional tile flooring installation services. Visit our tile flooring showroom in Humble, TX, today to start exploring ideas for your renovation project!


white tile flooring in an elegant bright bathroom


Types of Tile Flooring


Enhance your home with the perfect tile flooring that complements your lifestyle and decor. With an extensive selection in our showroom, you're sure to find the ideal floors that meet your needs in terms of appearance, performance, and price. Our tiles offer a wide range of design possibilities beyond just flooring. Collaborate with us to discover innovative patterns for your kitchen backsplash or shower. Our diverse tile choices will help you expand your design horizons in ways you never imagined. Explore the types of tile we proudly carry:


Ceramic Tile Flooring


Ceramic tile is a popular choice for both flooring and backsplash designs. Made through a heating and cooling process involving kiln-fired clay, ceramic tile is extremely versatile, available in countless shapes, sizes, finishes, textures, colors, and patterns.


Porcelain Tile Flooring


Porcelain tile is crafted using a method similar to ceramic but with a longer kiln-firing period, resulting in a denser and more durable tile. Available in various shapes, sizes, finishes, colors, and patterns, porcelain tile offers a custom look and is especially popular in bathrooms.


Stone Tile Flooring


Ideal for outdoor flooring due to its durability against natural elements, stone tile brings a beautiful, calming appeal to any space. Enjoy the earthy charm of stone or slate tiles in your showers, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and more.


Wood-Look Tile Flooring


Wood-look tile, made from ceramic or porcelain, mimics the appearance of hardwood flooring while offering superior strength and moisture resistance. Experience realistic wood textures and designs with the stress-free, waterproof performance of tile.


Why Humble, TX, Homeowners Choose Tile Flooring


Tile flooring has been cherished for centuries due to its exceptional longevity and quality. At Marshburn’s Flooring America, we offer only top-quality tile products from the best brands and manufacturers, ensuring that your tile will look stunning, feel great, and last for many years. 


Discover the outstanding benefits of our tile selection:


Is Tile Flooring Waterproof?


Absolutely! Tile is renowned for being a top choice when it comes to waterproof flooring. One of its greatest advantages is its ability to resist water, making it suitable for both above and below-ground-level installations. Waterproof tile flooring is incredibly durable and capable of handling liquid spills and even major incidents like flooding.


Because tile can endure high levels of moisture, you can be confident that it will perform exceptionally well in moisture-prone areas such as basements, entryways, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. Additionally, tile does not harbor mold or mildew, ensuring that your waterproof tile floors remain clean and easy to maintain. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your floors are protected and hassle-free!


Professional Tile Flooring Installation Services


Ensure the perfect fit and save money over time with our professional tile flooring installation services. Our certified, experienced installers bring the tools, skills, and expertise needed for a flawless and durable installation. With our team, you can achieve the look you desire without breaking the bank.

Trained installers are essential for making precise cuts and minimizing waste of valuable flooring materials. By working with us, you'll ensure that your installation is done right the first time, giving you the exact look you expect and deserve.

We are so confident in the quality of our work that we offer our Adore Your Floor Guarantee. This warranty ensures your satisfaction: if you are unhappy with your new floors within 30 days of installation, we will replace them with another product of the same value at no additional cost. Choose us for a beautiful, professional tile flooring installation you can trust!

Contact us to learn more about our tile selection and installation services! We proudly serve customers in Humble, Atascocita, The Woodlands, TX, and the surrounding communities.

wood look tile flooring in a bright and stylish living room

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wood look tile flooring in a bright and stylish living room
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